The Route Server
Building RS
Configuration RS
BGP4 Clients
Statistic Routes
Route Flap Dampening
Proxy Aggregation
Other Features
Annotated Sample Configuration

General Information

iIX Technical Overview - Phase-1.
Benefits of iIX Services
iIX Presentation
Generic iIX [g-iIX] ISO 3166-2
Avalaible Software Packages
Contact: [Administrator], [Policy]

Attaching to an Exchange Point

Setting Up Router
IP Address Request Template

Configuring Server Peering Session

Route Server Peering Agreement
How to Request a Route Server Peering Session (template and RS information)
Peering Session Request Template (easy to use web form)
Peering Configuration Viewer
Viewing and Updating Peering Template with Auto-dbm
List of Peering Members (ISP and Administrators Only)

iIX Resources

Exchange Point Information [NAPs]
NAP Locations
Presentation, Release Note

Routing Statistics / Tools

Caida (Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis)
Internet Traceroute Server and NAP Statistic
Policy Analysis of Internet Routing (PAIR) (Cool Tools - under development)
IRRd a new Internet Routing Registry server (under development)
Strategic Analisys of Converging IP-Telecommunication Industries

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